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0030 A.R (After Alchemy's Return)

Outside Tonton – Before the events at the Apollo Lens.

The last of the lighthouses to be relit, Mars Lighthouse, was located in far-northern Prox.

The Proxian people were on the verge of extinction, which was why their warriors were trying to restart the lighthouses.

Their homeland was crumbling before their very eyes.

But Isaac and Felix's parties joined forces to save the world.

With their combined efforts, they finally succeeded in restarting the Mars Lighthouse.

At that moment, energy brighter than the sun's plasma shot out from each of the four lighthouses.

The four beams met in the sky above Mount Aleph.

A fiery sphere, burning like a golden sun, appeared there, radiating energy that spread throughout the world.

For the Golden Sun, indeed, had arrived. The phenomenon saved the world from decay and death.

And the heroes who had journeyed so long came to be known as the Warriors of Vale.

Those warriors sacrificed all to bring the dawn of the Golden Sun! Now, a new generation will live its own legend!

The End…?

"Pray tell, what are you reading?"

Kraden approached me as I put down my book, "Hm? Sun Sega 5" I tell him.

He scratches his long beard, "Ah, yes, we got that in Kolima village."

The old alchemist, and my father's long time friend, took the book from me and examined the last few pages. For some reason he looked slightly confused, maybe even irritated, and mumbled to himself under his breath something about cards.

His finger trailed around the picture of the Golden Sun before he closed it and then handed it back to me.

"What is it, Kraden?" I ask, "Is there something wrong with the book?"

Kraden smiled, shaking his head, "Nothing wrong, dear boy, just missing."

"Missing?" surprise clear in my voice, "But what?" I ask.

"I recall your father mentioning he had Sun Sega 1 with him, correct? Did he ever read it to you?"

I nod, "Yes, he would read it as a bed time story to Tyrell and me. He didn't have the other books so he'd retell the rest of the story from memory."

"From memory? Then does this last book seem off to you at all, Matthew?"

I furrowed my eyebrows and thought hard, what could've been missing?

"Dad always said that someone tried to steal the Golden Sun for themselves, that even the Wise One saw pity on the lost soul."

Kraden snapped his fingers, "Exactly! Now, do you see a certain character that appeared in previous books but is not included in the ending?"

My father, my mother, Uncle Garet, Uncle Ivan, Mia, Uncle Felix, Sheba, Piers and…

"Yo!" yelled Tyrell from under a shady tree. Everyone had taken a short nap before we purged into the monster-filled Eclipse and towards the Endless Wall.

It seemed they were all ready to go.

"Mmm," mused Kraden, "I was sure we were on to something here. No matter, we shall continue this line of thinking another time. Ready, Matthew?"

Kraden gave me an encouraging smile and then went to join my newfound group of friends. I lingered, only for a moment, and looked down at the epic sega that depicted the returning of alchemy.


A mysterious water adept that disappeared from the story completely.

Could my masked man, be a villain from the past?

I shook my head and ran to catch up with everyone. No one was happy about the recent events, but light smiles showed that they weren't ready to give up hope yet.

But had I?


Belinsk - After the events at the Apollo Lens.

"Matthew, wake up! We promised Sveta we'd meet her at the castle!"

Mind blank from a horrible sleep, the first thing I needed was Karis' voice ringing in my ear.

"I'm up," I said with a cough, adjusting myself to the new bright day, "Give me a few minutes…"

Crown, Amiti, Eoleo, and surprisingly Tyrell were already wide-awake and sitting around the room waiting for me.

"Karis, are you sure you should be in the boys room? I mean, Matthew is shirtless!" said a panicked Amiti.

"Look who's talking,…" mumbled Eoleo, which made Tyrell laugh.

"Well, if you guys woke up Matthew properly I wouldn't have to be here!"

"We just wanted to let him sleep, " said Crown nervously.

I chuckled and smiled at my friends, "Thanks Crown, but Karis is right, I should've been out of bed ages ago," I shrugged, "Plus, it's not my fault Karis couldn't sleep last night without Sveta and tossed and turned all night waiting to see her."

Karis immediately blushed hard and punched me in the shoulder, but everyone just burst into laughing which made Karis quickly flee out of the room.

I then pulled myself out of the Inn bed and began getting dressed. I noticed everyone had gone eerie quiet and once I put my jacket on I turned to look at them.

"Whatsup?" I asked innocently.

Tyrell shifted uncomfortable, "We were….just wondering where you went last night? I mean, we were just wondering…"

They all avoided my gaze.

"We were worried," piped in Amiti as he looked down at his feet.

I shrugged and looked out the window, was I going to lie to them? Would a good leader lie?

"I…went for a walk. Things got kind of crazy yesterday."

They all sighed in relief.

"See, I told you guys you were worried over nothing!" boasted Tyrell, "Matthew goes for walks all the time in the middle of the night! Probably why he sleeps in so late…"

Everyone chuckled and I smiled back, I hadn't completely lied.

Yet Crown looked troubled.

"You still seem unsure, Crown, what is it?" I ask.

He shook his head, "I was just thinking, you are right about yesterday being crazy! I can't believe my mother's betrayer…Mercury's betrayer…!"

"Oi, you mean that Arcanus fellow?" blurted Eoleo.

"I believe his name was Alex," corrected Amiti.

"Wha? Yeah, whatever the scallywags name was, guy was off his ship.."

"Very much so!" agreed Crown, "and I'm just worried because…well he's still alive!"

"Oh yeah! He did that disappearing act of his right before we fought that cups and swords!" yelled Tyrell

"You mean Chalis and Blados…" corrected Amiti again.

"Yeah, whatevers!" said Tyrell with a funny face, "The point is, he's still off somewhere scheming…"

"Probably after the Wise One!" nodded Crown.

That's when they all noticed I had been very silent and they all went quiet again themselves.

"Sorry Matt, we should head for the castle now," said Tyrell.

Eoleo nodded, "Yar, we'll see you guys at the gate!"

Eoleo and Amiti left for the Belinsk entrance and Tyrell, Crown, and I went to meet Karis.

I didn't want to tell my friends that last night my heart had broken, that would've been selfish of me. I never told them about Alex to begin with, and if I told them now…

Would I be the traitor for believing in a traitor?

I made a mistake and I had to make up for it. From now on my focus would only be on getting revenge against the Tuarapang, against the Umbra Clan, against Alex, whatever it had to be, I would win.

Even if it meant killing the person I loved.


Cabin, Goma Plateau

"Ah, it's good to be back!" sighed Karis with relief.

Garet and I nod, then with an excited smile my Mars-adept friend runs across the bridge separating us from our home.

"Nice to see the good ol' cabin again, eh, Matthew?" says Tyrell as we follow after him.

I was going to nod and tell him that I couldn't wait to see our fathers, when something caught my eye. Thinking it was just a bird or something shiny from the cliffs, I squint in the opposite direction of my friends and my jaw drops.

They must've made this black hole of destruction while we were away.

"What's wrong, Matthew?" asked Karis, the sadness in my face apparent.

"Aren't you happy to be home?" Tyrell asks sounding concerned.

In horror I raise my hand and point.

I keep wishing that this is all a bad dream, but I know my actions have consequences, and now I had to pay the real price for "Harmony".

"What, Matthew?" says Karis confused.

Tyrell turns quickly in the direction I'm pointing and his eyes go huge, "Look over there!"

Hesitantly Karis turns to look in the direction of Mt. Aleph,

and now all of us gaze upon a new calamity.

Cold shivers ran down my spine at the sight of the Psynergy Vortex, and my words get choked up as fear shakes through me. It felt like someone had put our world on mute, that the realization that someone was trying to kill us had finally sank in.

"!?" gasps Karis

It's not often that Karis goes speechless, but when she does you can be sure that something bad is going to happen.

"How did this get here!" yelled Tyrell bluntly

Suddenly a girlish giggle echoed around us. Our focus was pulled from the large impending doom and towards the cabin rooftop.

"Hehheh! Do you still not know, meow? Penny, they're still in the dark! Nyan!"

"Who....are you!" I yell as the glare of the setting sun masks their appearance.

"We have our orders, meow, we have our orders!" giggled the voice again and the shadows above us disappear and then reappear in front of the cabin doors

"For some reason they look familiar;" commented Tyrell as we gawked at the funny looking strangers.

The first one, who was still giggling, had blue skin and white cattish tribal markings. Her hair spiked out in a vibrant green pixi-cut and her Lolita dress cupcaked in the same shade.

She looked like a beastman, with bright yellow eyes and a tail, but something about her made me uncertain.

The second one was a guy, or what appeared to be male, and stood beside her with his arms crossed and a scowl across his face. His pink hair was tied back into a long pony -tail and his icy blue eyes never left us.

For the most part he was wearing pink robes, and a giant gold coin pinned his cloak together with light blue feathers, but he didn't seem happy or impressed to be there.

Yet I knew who had sent them.

"Where're our fathers?" I yell and Karis is surprised by my aggressiveness.

"Yeah! Where's Isaac and my dad!" added Tyrell

"Nyan!" the cat girl clapped her hands with a smirk on her lips, "Should we tell them, meow, should we tell them?"

The guy in pink glanced up at the Psynergy Vortex and then sighed as he looked away off into the Plateau. He didn't answer her.

Angrily, I pull out my Sol Blade and show them I meant business, "I know your working for Alex! Where are our fathers and what is this Psynergy Vortex doing here!"

Karis bit her lip, "Matt," she shook her head and let plasma form in her palms, "Matthew's right! You must be working for the Tuaparang!"

Tyrell nodded, "They sure fit the job description: creepy as hell."

The cat girl frowned and threw her fists above her head, "Who're you calling creepy, meow! You're the one that's about to get-"

The guy in pink put his arm out to stop the advancing cat girl, "So you know his real name?"

His eyes lock on mine and I can't help but notice the shine of his pink lip-gloss. He and this girl were definitely from the Umbra Clan, and undoable probably working with 'Arcanus', but I was surprised they knew his real name when Chalis and Blados did not.

"Yeah, we do!" said Tyrell fiercely in my absence.

My mind was suddenly filling with the moments I shared with that...that horrible man...

"Nyan! Doesn't matter anyway, no how, meow! Penny, can't we just kill them already?"

"What!" gritted Karis.

'Penny' shook his head, "Now now Wanda, didn't you mother ever tell you to play with your food first?"

Wanda giggled and spun around in a circle like a ballerina, "Oh, I do love games, meow! Can we play, can we play, Nyan?"

"I've had enough of your kind of games," I reply darkly.

"And these Psynergy Vortexes are no laughing matter!" adds Karis as Wanda begins to giggle again.

"This isn't just any ordinary game," smiled Penny to Wanda, "this is Golden Sun."

Together they both burst into laughter and horror is stricken on Karis face. Tyrell's body shakes as he pulls out his weapon, but I know that he's worried about taking on the both of them with only three party members.

"Oh, Pentacules :3 " says Wanda as she nuzzles against him purring, "We're finally going to have all the power in Weyard, I'm so excited!"


I knew being your son wasn't going to be easy,

that the weight of the world was going to be heavy on my shoulders,

but I want this ludicrous cycle to end.

Whatever they have done to you,

I will save you.

If they attack Mt. Aleph

I will defend it.

If Alex once again tries to take over Weyard,

I will protect it.

Focusing the four Evangelists, the ouroboros surrounds the four elements in ending a cycle of life, a pause before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. Suspended between the heavens and the earth, it is completeness, representing cosmic consciousness; the potential of perfect union with the One Power of the universe.

Mourning Moon.
From Matthew's perceptive.

Golden Sun (c) Camelot/Nintendo

AURTHORíS NOTE: dear readers, I regret to announce that Golden Sun 4 has not yet been released. Because of this, I shall not be writing any more of this fan fiction until I have the proper facts and information. Please be patient, and thanks for reading!

PS* This chapter will have changes in the future to remain consistent with the plot.
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Wish I could continue it but I like following the original storyline. I would write more cute side stories, however, there isn't much demand for it and school keeps me busy!

Yes I've signed the petition for GS4, check it-……
Spiria7634 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014
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Thanks for signing the petition!! Soon, that would reach the goal!!!!
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