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++Final seal++ by CrimsonValefor
++Final seal++
"Harmony, diverging from your chosen path, finding measure of cost in these spiritual desires. "

I saw this in my dreams. The final seal, Arcanus' heart <3

Golden sun (c) Nintendo/Camelot
++Arcanus Kirby++ by CrimsonValefor
++Arcanus Kirby++
Kirby cosplayed as Arcanus from Golden sun! submission for :icontommygk: Gifts from Dreamland collection!!~

I saw the talented :iconneshirys: ' Isaac Kirby and I just had to join!! Thus the villain seemed very fitting! 

Kirby and Golden Sun (c) Nintendo

I don't usually do pixel art O_O however I remember the old days when I played Kirby's dreamland on my retro gameboy, good times ;3 
(also I used Alex's water psynergy as a reference for his ability here~)
++Lesson One: Psynergy OP++ by CrimsonValefor
++Lesson One: Psynergy OP++
:icongoldensun-club:  Colosseum: event 2!

Isaac: OK, first day of training!
Matthew: aren't we suppose to be on vacation?
Isaac: what?.. i mean, yeah vacation! what did I say?
Matthew: Training...
Isaac: really?
Isaac: Lesson one...
Isaac: Psynergy is over-powered :D

Golden Sun (c) Camelot/Nintendo
Art (c) :iconcrimsonvalefor: & :iconblackania:

++Golden Sun Meme++ by CrimsonValefor
++Golden Sun Meme++

This is my first drawing meme ever and it was quite the process!! The style varies because I did some answers during different months X3
so, ignore that, cause ultimately I didn't have the time to produce the same quality kya~
Also, warning, Arcanus and I liek Crack.

Incoming TL;DR:

1. Hey hey people! We all know you have to have a favourite character so introduce yourself and draw
yourself with your favourite character or characters!

Arcanus/Ace/Alex is by far my favourite character of the series. I love how he works behind the scenes
and pulls strings to get shit done, cause thats how I would roll if I was a genius mastermind. Ergo, Arcanus
and I are scheming our masterplans and Jenna isn't too happy about it XD especially since I like to ship
Alex with Jenna and Arcanus with Matty ^_^ THERE IS NO ESCAPING A FANS MIND!! also Arc-butts (Favs: Jenna 2nd, Matty/Isaac 3rd)

2. Alright. Nice character choice! So tell me, we all know everyone has thought of a couple that is meant to be in the game, or you
say should be together. So tell me, who is that couple that you love? Draw them together!

Although I adore Valeshipping(and beardmustache), I had to pick Zephyr for this one. Those girls totally respect each other and dark
dawn had hints of their potencial relationship. Also no shame in a little girl on girl action~

           "Awwh! I'm changing Karis-chan!"

"Let me help you Sveta-sama" (They use Yamata/Japanese suffixes for some reason.)

3. Cool cool cool! Now how about you draw some WTF pairing that nobody will understand? If it is Yaoi then please keep it PG people!

I decided to be a good girly and NOT draw any hardcore yaoi :3 Instead I went for a sexy screenshot concept from my fan fiction.
Yes, you heard me, my fan fiction. The Lovers is totally legit. So is that red lipstick on Arcanus. Holy shit.

4. Alright! Don't you just love Djinn? So tell me, which one is your favourite?

I like to break the rules XD I made up one instead ^_^ This is my Dark Djinni Lune.
I could probably come up with a better name Like Storm or something if I wanted lol I'm a little lazy~

5. Okay! Okay! Now we all know Garet is 'the smartest person in Weyard' so draw him and his 'smartness' for us?

HEADCANON: Garet studies under Master Kraden (and with Mia) between Lost Age and Dark Dawn. Eventually he got laid~
I like to think Garet is smart :3 in his own way! Also I wanted to take this chance to draw Kraden for the first time!

6. Sometimes you wish you were a GS Character, right? Well then draw yourself as one! Go crazy!

I have many personas and I have a full four ancient Jenei team already created :3 I like to thing every character is a piece of myself, my traits
and personality, so for this I went with my Jupiter Priestess! I love Gabrielle, they're my hemaphrodite (unisex) side.

TL;DR: A Mars Prince and a Mercury Prince were born and after 5-8 years the first Jupiter heir was born. Jupiter wanted to make an alliance with one
of the other clans, however, they quickly realized their first child was...odd. Trying to hide their sex, they decided Gabrielle would be female.
The clan chose the Mars Prince and two would be wed when they were of age. Unforunately not long after Gabe was born, their mother had a second child,
a baby girl. The Venus King and Queen also had a baby girl, so the Venus princess was to marry the Mercury Prince, since Jupiter already had
an arranged marriage. However, as they got older Gabe's younger sister learned the truth by accident and grew extremely jealous. She exposed
Gabe's sex and the Jupiter clan hid her away in a temple. Now Gabe's sister is to marry the Mars Prince instead.

La tragic. So Gabe has more to her story (she becomes a he and a sky pirate) but for the most part they recongize themselves as female :3
and she's still in love with the Mars prince, and he's still in love with her ;(

CHECK OUT DAT ZOL HAMMER THO BRO. (I don't usually draw weapons, but I want to get better. I used lots of references to create a certain idea.)
Close range two-handed hammer. She mostly uses healing spells.

7. LoL! Okayness. So I have a request! Please draw A SEXY WOMAN hanging out with Ivan? It will be fun, I promise!

RAINSHIPPING!?!? So I made Brook a couple months back when I was making only GS characters on the Sims XDD I wanted her to make sense in relation to Karis', blue seemed right. Therefore I walked around Lemuria and found this NPC, but I wanted her to be slightly different somehow. During my first sketch of her I started channeling my inner Gravity Falls/Mabel, so in the final I went chibi and decided to give her big curly bangs instead of them being split and tucked behind the ears~ so fucking cute. She left Lemuria to be with Ivan but gave up her immortality in the process. She died shortly after Karis' birth ;(

8. Draw Felix rockin' out to Brittney Spears and Alex painting his toenails pink!

This is pretty self explainitory. Felix is dressed like Spears but singing a Frozen song to Alex/Elsa XD
Sheba is in love with Felix's body but terrified at the situation, Jenna ran off to puke, Kraden is writing shit dooown.
(I forgot about the ipod when I did this...gave him a mic instead. Also note, that's supposed to be Alex's left leg so his robe is barely
hiding his naked body.)

9. Draw your fave character in a silly outfit. Please?

Ask and you shall recieve. This is a fan fiction idea I was thinking about, a AU where Alex is a high class whore and Matty is a strong military leader who loves men :3 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn that censor.

10. Draw those silly Golden Sun peeps fighting over something random and totally off topic.

Zephyrshipping VS. Solshipping. *Poke* *Snatch* Who will win. Hopefully not Dawn.



12. What is something you've always wanted to see the GS characters say or do. Draw it here for all of us to enjoy!

I am satisfied with Golden Sun and its content, however I would love a fouth installment...with Takeru!!!!

"Well excuse me, Princess"


original template:…

Golden Sun (c) Camelot/Nintendo

Art (c) :iconcrimsonvalefor:
  • Reading: Golden Sun
  • Watching: Legend of Korra episode 6
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Drinking: Tea

Dear Internets:

In a slight financial crisis at the moment. Decided to open some commissions to see if anyone was interested.

:bulletorange: $5 chibi sketch

:bulletorange: $10 chibi color sketch

:bulletorange: $15 chibi CG with color/cell shade

:bulletred: $10 1 character sketch

:bulletred: $15 2 character sketch

:bulletred: $20 1 or 2 character sketch color

:bulletred: $25 for 1 character CG with color/cell chade

:bulletred: $30 for 2 character CG with color/cell shade


*payment will be discussed through notes.


Game Over~

:evillaugh:WORLD DOMINATION:evillaugh:

:bulletpurple: Next Legend of Korra episode

:bulletpurple: Golden Sun 4

:bulletpurple: Finishing my goddamn novel

:bulletpurple: A good RPG game



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